Promo offer SYLLABLE D9 Wireless Earbud TWS Bluetooth Headset Metal Charge Case Bluetooth Earphone for Phone Mic for Calls IPX4 Sweat proof

SYLLABLE D9 Wireless Earbud TWS Bluetooth Headset font b Metal b font Charge Case Bluetooth Earphone
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Get here SYLLABLE D9 Wireless Earbud TWS Bluetooth Headset Metal Charge Case Bluetooth Earphone for Phone Mic for Calls IPX4 Sweat proof from Check price promotion. This device has a clear sound and durable for long time use. Many people buy this device. Get also the best products from this shop. It is not easy to find a product as good as this. Immediately buy and get satisfaction when you wear it.

SYLLABLE D9 Wireless Earbud TWS Bluetooth Headset Metal Charge Case Bluetooth Earphone for Phone Mic for Calls IPX4 Sweat proof

Wirless stereo sound lets you get rid of the outside noises and enjoy music freely.

Travel With Music

Binaural wirless design, farewell to the troublesome wires and enjoy your travel.

Intimate Accompany

Wheather stroll in the sun or meditate when you are all alone, you will always be accompanied.

Wirless Mini Earpieces Tiny And Beautiful

Real mini binaural wirless design wear single or double earpieces freely

removable charging battery case

6 Core Technology Enjoy Stereo Sound

Listen to music/ running/ phone call/ business enjoy wirless stereo sound at anywhere.

With No Wires Boundless For Music

Get rid of the troublesome wires, via the series connection of the transmission chips, to achieve phonation of two channels. Bringing your ears more freely and more shockingly true wirless stereo sound by comnination and transformation.

Tiny Carry Case With Battery Storage Function

Combined the removable charging function with portable storage function together, the case is just like a diamond full of battery.

Wear Tightly The Ears Will Not Hurt Nor Fall Off

According to ergonomics make several times samples before mass production, to find a better in-ear angle, Light, tight and good wearing experience. 3 pairs of ear budswith different size to match needs from different customers. Tilted in-ear angle to match the ear canal shape , wearing tight and no fall off.

Adopted with high edition bluetooth 4.2 chip, compatible to devices with or under bluetooth version 4.1. more stable connection and longer durability, bring you high standard quality music.

One-key OPeration Convenient and Fast

Get rid of the old-fashioned buttons and operate mpore friendly. One click to listen to music, make phone calls etc.

Wear By One Ear More Safer

Taken occasions such as driving, business conversations, Hands-free call makes communication more convenient and safer(left ear or right ear could each be used alone)

Wear by Both Ears Immerse in Music

Without restrictions from the wires, be more freestyle and enjoy better wireless stereo sound.

Low Frequency Balanced Tech Superb Stereo

Adopted with low frequency tech, via DSP adjust, even if at a low sound vlume it will strengthen the electric current signal for the low frequency part automatically. So that to achieve better bass sound effect.

Bluetooth Strong Compatibility

No matter to play games, watch video, listen to music or immersed in VR, disregard of the bluetooth devices and spaces, the headest will be compatible.

Mini and Solid Design Small and Decent

A single earpiece weighs no more than 6.5 grams, with a maximum diameter of size of a coin.

Exclusive Crafts

Exquisite details to make it an outstanding bluetooth earphone. Metal piano drawing craft, more durable longer lasting time. Safety charging anti-oxidation, gold plated charging contactor design.

Metal Dust-Proof Filter (Prevent dirt prolong headest life )

Correct Wearing Presentation(take left ear as example)

Take left earpiece (earpiece and earbud have “L” mark) into the ear canal.

Rotate the left earpiece in the ear canal until the ear clip and canal be fitted. Then the earpiece will not be easily fall off.


Light Indicator: Red light indicates it is charging , white light indicates it is charging full, red and white light flash alternately that indicates it is in pairing mode.

Fast Pairing

1.Take out earpiece: Take out the (L) and (R) earpieces and switch on the bluetooth of your.

2.Long press the operation key: Press the right earpiece for 3-4 seconds until light flashes in white and red, and earpiece will have voice remind to get under pairing modephone.

3.Use phone to serach and connect: Search for SYLLABLE D9 and connect with it. Then could enloy high quality stereo sound.


Model: D9
Color: Black

Product Details Bluetooth version: V4.2
Support protocol: A2DP HSP HFP Aptx ACRCP
Battery capacity: 35mAh
Life time: 2H
Standby time: 45H
Charging time: 2H (battery box)
Charging voltage: 5V
Frequency range: 20 ~ 20KHZ
Waterproof grade: IPX4
Dimension & Weight Package Weight: 99g
Package Dimension:76 x 76 x 50mm
Package Contents 1 Pair x Earphone
1 x Charging Dock
1 x USB Charging Cable
2 Pair x Ear Bud
1 x User Manual

#digital SYLLABLE D9 Wireless Earbud TWS Bluetooth Headset Metal Charge Case Bluetooth Earphone for Phone Mic for Calls IPX4 Sweat proof.
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Price:  US $59.99 / piece
Sale Price:  US $40.19 / piece